Info Studi Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting

Info Studi Cost Accounting The right tool to complete your analysis in the fastest way for users!

Automate your processes, support data completeness and correct any deficiencies.

What you can do with this module:

  • Competence Assignment:  Allocate costs and revenues in the right period!
  • Invoices to Receive/Issue:  Show costs and revenues not yet accurated and incurred in Cost Accunt
  • Show Budget Amount in Chart of Cost Centers and Chart of Cost Objects: Evaluate deviations from your budget by dimensions.
  • Setup recurrency entries: Creates registrations that self-delete on the first day after registration
  • Delete Cost Entries: Now you can delete even in a range of Cost ledgers, without risking deleting general ledger entries
  • Copy Cost Entries: Duplicate registrations to speed up your process or reverse your past
  • Setting Global Dimension 1 as Mandatory in Income Statement G/L Accounts:  Ensure your analysis are always with the rigth dimensions and squared
  • Modify Cost Center and Cost Object value in Cost Entries: Can you do that in Business Central? Now you can       
  • Exclude Dimension Check in Cost Accounting: Post with both Cost accounting dimensions at the same time, without making any allocations
  • No. Series in Cost Journal: What in BC is ONLY available in general ledger, now you can also do it in cost ledger