Extended Text

The process permits to insert automatically a set of Extended Texts, related to Customers/Vendors or to the Company, inside sales, purchase and service documents (just invoice and Credit Memo).

(Business Central Standard Process) From “Standard Task” mask, insert the code, description and the extended texts you would like to see in documents. Please be sure to add the correct language code or to select “All Language Code”, else no extended text will be inserted.

Note: be sure to fill dates just if you want that “Extend Text” only in a specific period. Else keep them empty.

Click on the lens and search for “IS Extended Text Setup”.

The setup table has the following fields:

  • Standard Text: the reference to Standard Text code, from which you can insert Extended Text;
  • Text Type: Identifies if the text should be inserted for specific customer, vendor. Choosing Company, the text will be insert for all customers or vendors;
  • Company Text Type: specifies that the “Extended Type” will be applied to all customers or vendors. Associated only to Company “Text Type”;
  • Type No.: just for vendors and customers, it indicates the “no.”;
  • Priority:  when there are multiple lines of setup, that could be applied to a customer or a vendor, with priority you can decide the sequence for the texts. The priority is applied inside each “Text Type”, so all Company Text Type lines will appear before Customer/Vendor Text Type lines.

Compiling this Setup, you will be able to link “Extended Text” to documents. Note that Service documents will follow Customer Setup.

The following description is related to “Sales Order” and Customer, but it works in the same way for Purchase Document and Services.

On a new document, after selecting the “Customer No.”, the system will insert all the texts, matching the setup.

Note: The text will be inserted only If there are no compiled lines in the document.